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Suburban Foot Physicians Inc. in Westchester, IL

Suburban Foot Physicians, Inc. has been providing complete podiatry foot care in the western suburbs for over a decade. The Board Certified doctors focus on conservative treatment to manage foot ailments, considering surgery a last alternative.

The podiatrists provide geriatric and diabetic foot care on a regular basis, covered by Medicare for many patients. The doctors will examine your feet and review your medical history to see if you meet Medicare’s criteria, as self-treatment can result in dangerous infections or sores for some people.
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Successful Treatments

Many foot ailments are treated at the office including ingrown toenails, corns and calluses, pain to the ball of the foot, arch or heel pain, warts, fungal, thick or discolored toenails, athlete’s foot, hammertoes, bunions, etc. It is amazing how simple small changes in footwear, scraping of corns/calluses, or the right padding techniques can resolve foot pain.

Ingrown toenails can become very painful and become infected. The doctors are very successful treating these in a very painless and conservative manner. If needed, however, a more aggressive surgical treatment may be performed in the office, which can be permanent or temporary.

Warts can also become painful and can spread easily to other areas of the foot or other house-hold members. Early treatment proves the most successful. The doctors will discuss the options, almost always avoiding cutting out the warts which can leave a scar. They have been very successful with chemical treatments performed in the office or by prescription.
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How To Support Your Feet

The doctors also are providers of diabetic shoes and diabetic inserts, which are covered by Medicare if certain criteria are met. Diabetic footwear keep diabetic feet happy and healthy. The styles of the shoes have come a long way, so don’t worry about the Frankenstein style shoes of the past. There is an entire catalogue of shoe styles to choose from. The podiatrist will work with the doctor managing your diabetes to complete the appropriate forms for Medicare to pay for the footwear.

Both doctors provide custom orthotics (arch supports), which often offer much more relief than over-the-counter arch supports. The doctors are certified with Sole Supports custom orthotics but also use other companies to ensure you are provided with the most appropriate device. You can contact your insurance company to see if they are a covered benefit.

If custom orthotics are too costly, the doctors will recommend the best over-the-counter options for you and will customize them in the office as best they can. The FootChair Plus orthotics are available in the office which are an excellent over-the-counter, inexpensive option.
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If needed, the office uses Digital X-ray which can be taken during your appointment. The images will be shown to you while the doctor discusses them with you.
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